Seattle fans take it to a whole another level when it comes to team pride. Most fans dress up to some extent for the game, but these select few raise the bar to a new level. These are 10 Seattle Seahawks Super Fans that you should stop and talk to if you see them because they are legends.

  • 1

    Mama Blue

    The original Seahawks Super Fan, Patti Hammond is a legend. She is a member of the PFUFA also the first Seahawk fan inducted into the NFL Hall of Fans. She sits in the front corner or Section 125 if you want to take a picture with her.

  • 2

    Mr. & Mrs. Seahawk

    Jeff and DeDe Schumaier are known as the first couple married on the 50 yard line of the Kingdome and are in the NFL Hall of Fans and members of the PFUFA. They sit in the front row of section 122 in the end zone. You might have also seen them on the Richard Sherman Soup commercial.

  • 3


    Bradley William Carter, also know as Cannonball has been a Super Fan for years. Also in the NFL Hall of Fans, a member of the PFUFA, he is a great ambassador for the Seahawks and a really fun guy to talk too. You can find him in section 129 or before the game at King St. Bar and Grill.

  • 4

    The Rooster

    The Rooster, Keith Gustin, was inspired by Alice In Chains in 2005 after going undefeated at home and created "The Rooster". He sits right above the tunnel in section 129 in the isle.
  • 5


    If you have watched a Seahawk game anytime in the last 15 years, I am sure you have seen Bruce McMillan also known as Paintedhawk. he sits right next to Mr. and Mrs. Seahawk in section 122.

  • 6

    Kilt Man

    Also in the NFL Hall of Fans and a member of the PFUFA, Neil Hart known as Kilt Man is easy to spot with his huge blue spiky hair and kilt. He sits usually in the end zone next to Mr. and Mrs. Seahawk in section 122, but I have also seen him around section 133.

  • 7

    Hawk Daddy

    Hawk Daddy has to be the smoothest Seahawks fan alive. The newest Seahawks fan to be added to the PFUFA, you can find him usually in section 131 at games.

  • 8


    A new Super Fan for 2014, the Sea-Squatch is much nicer then he looks. A bigfoot born in the forests bordering Seattle and even got his name from the 12th man, read it below. You can find him in section 130 or walking around Hawk Alley before games.
  • 9

    Mr. Mohawk

    Mr. Mohawk, Phil Andruss, is not just a huge Seahawks fan but a huge Seattle fan of all sports. You can find him at Husky, Mariner, and Sounders games as well as every Seahawk game. He is famous for burning the opponent jersey at tail gates as well as the tallest mohawk I have ever seen. I don't know where he sits, but I know you can find him before games at the Beast Bus tailgate burning jerseys.

  • 10

    Seahawk Soldier

    Traci Williams, aka the Seahawk Soldier, is actually a real soldier and she is also a member of the PFUFA. I have seen her in the end zone in section 122 but not every game.

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