Howard Amon Park and Columbia Park are such a bother because you have to follow your kids everywhere or you'll lose sight of them. THEY wanted to play at the park, it wasn't MY idea. Here are the 7 best places for kids to run while you just sit.

1) Chiawana Park. Yes, there is a river nearby, but mostly it's flat with few trees so kids can run all around and stay in sight.

2) Leslie Grove Park. Again, a river. But otherwise this wide, expansive park is excellent for running around without obstacles to obstruct your view.

3) Kiddie playground on north end of Columbia Center Mall. Just make sure they aren't bothering the other kids. Sticking your nose in a phone while your bully 3 year old pushes other kids off the slides is just the worst.

4) Burger King playland on Court Street. This is my favorite because it has ample seating, is totally contained, and the food is cheap.

5) McDonald's playland on Court Street. Just down the street, this one is a little smaller but good for some variety. And they sell traditional scoop ice cream.

6) Crested Hills Park above Gage Blvd in Richland is small and hard to find, but totally worth the drive. It's a bowl! With a circular track! That's right, you chill while they go around and around on their scooters.

7) Hansen Park. Kids don't like the playground here as much as the ones I've mentioned above, so bring some frizbees, balls, lawn darts, etc. Kites! This is a good park for kites.

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