Do you ever wonder what kind of movies could be set in Tri-Cities?

Not too long ago, a movie was filmed partially in Tri-Cities. When Hello, My Name is Frank was being produced, people in Tri-Cities couldn't stop talking about it. The film even had its premiere in Pasco.

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I'm a big movie fan. I own way too many Blu-Rays and see far too many movies in theaters. Not being able to go to the theater for a whole year was really hard on my soul. I love the whole experience, even the overpriced popcorn. So, I ended up digging deep into my personal collection. I watched all kinds of movies. Thrillers, horror films, dramas, Oscar bait flicks, comedies, and even superhero movies.

Sure, a lot of movies are set and filmed in big cities but plenty of flicks are filmed and set in smaller towns. Several big movies have been filmed in Washington, not just in Seattle either. I think Tri-Cities would be perfect. We've got beautiful scenery, an interesting history, and we're not far from big cities and beaches. We also have Hanford.

So, I got to thinking.

I started to brainstorm, coming up with little plotlines and synopses for Tri-Cities-centric movie ideas. I came up with a handful and then mocked up some movie posters to really sell the concept. Take a look and tell me what you think.

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