Are you guilty of doing 3 or more of these things? Of course you are! Here's a list of creepy things people admitted to doing. Let's see how many of these you've done. 

  1. Reading over someone's shoulder while they're looking at their phone.
  2. Pretending to take a selfie so you can snap a picture of the hottie behind you.
  3. Thinking your bae is right next to you but accidentally holding hands with a stranger.
  4. Sniffing someone else's hair.
  5. Staring at a stranger while trying to figure out if it's someone you know.
  6. Spending way too much time on that someone's Facebook picture album.
  7. Peeking into someones window when you see the light is on.
  8. Thinking back to something funny and laughing to yourself in public.... alone.
  9. Overhearing a joke in someone else’s conversation and laughing.

Don't lie, you've done some of these! We're all creeps!

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