You know how every date on the calendar seems to be celebrating something? An obscure food holiday, the anniversary of an invention, or a social cause are all examples of national or international day categories that fill up the year. In fact, there's so many "special" days that they are often stacked on top of each other!  So if Watermelon Day on August 3rd passed without you noticing, we understand.

But you know who did notice? The animals at the Oregon Zoo. They looooved it. And we think watching them devour their juicy treat will bring you some joy.

The Oregon Zoo shared video of an elephant, bear and tortoise each using different techniques to bust open their watermelon, get it onto their tongues, and into their bellies. We've included the video below, and keep scrolling for a longer look with some stills.

A Feel-Good Tweet from the Oregon Zoo

About the Oregon Zoo Animals in the Video

Featured in the smile-inducing video are the following social-media stars:

    • Asian Elephant
    • American Black Bear
    • Tortoise

Oregon Zoo's Asian Elephants

The Oregon Zoo has 5 Asian Elephants as of this writing:

If you'd like to help with the survival of Asian Elephants, the Oregon Zoo has provided some information on what you can do right here.

Oregon Zoo's American Black Bears

The Oregon Zoo has 4 American Black Bears that you can visit:

Oregon Zoo's Tortoises

The Oregon Zoo has two species of Tortoise:

Water Melon Day at the Oregon Zoo

This elephant, bear, and tortoise really know how to enjoy their food.

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