They look like big cute cats (and they are), but they are MUCH more dangerous than your house kitty. There have been a few cougar sighting around the area, the most recent eastbound on I-82, at about milepost 98. The Benton County Sherrif's office posted a warning about the cougars and said that this is one of several sightings around the South Richland and Badger Mountain areas. If you have a similar sighting in the future, the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife would like you to contact them at 360-902-2929.

They didn't say this, but I think it's probably a good call to avoid contact with theses animals. If you see one, don't engage. And if you live in the areas where there have been sightings, it's a good idea to keep an eye on your kids and pets when they are playing outside. Maybe even keep pets in when you're not home just to be on the safe side.


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