An armed hostage situation ends sadly with a 50 year old man being shot and killed by police after refusing to release his hostage, Thursday in Benton City.

Police first got reports of a suicidal and armed man at a residence at the 1000 block of Jonah Lane. They arrived to find a man that was suicidal and had a woman hostage.

The police surrounded the house and tried to talk the man for hours into letting the woman go, according to reports.

Members of the Regional SWAT team stormed the house and one of the SWAT members shot and killed the suspect.

That SWAT officer involved was also a member of the Pasco Pd.

The Regional SWAT team is made from officers in multiple police agencies in the region.

Police say the man had run ins with authorities in the past and was from West Richland. The case is still under investigation.

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