"Anyone know about the dumped feces this morning?" asked Benton City's Lisa Miller.

"My hubby thought maybe it was slaughterhouse remnants. It was red in some places," answered Robin Monk.

"I drove through it 30 minutes ago and the smell is still either in my nose or my car," replied Tiffany Lewis.

"I lost traction and slid," said Harley Beck.

"The Troopers said it was waste, probably from a hog or dairy farm," said Captain Dennis Bates of Benton County Fire District No. 2, whose team was called out in the early morning hours to spray the roundabout clean. "There was lack of traction," he said.

Nothing more than good, clean farm waste that sticks to the undercarriage and carries the smell with you all day long until you can hit the car wash. Local residents would like to know who did it, if for nothing else than reimbursement on the auto detailing afterward.



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