With the busy world we all live in it seems like online dating is the best way to find someone to date. While it would be nice to bump into someone while grabbing coffee, the chances of that actually happening are slim. But it's not always easy writing a dating profile that will capture the attention of people you're actually interested in dating.

That's why I wanted to get you the list of 'Best Online Dating Words' that was just published by seeking.com. The list of words for both men and women were put together after studying hundreds of dating profiles to find out which words are best and here is what they found.

Best online dating words for men are:

Travel, Gym, Connection, Wine, Tacos, Hike, Foodie, Pizza, Dogs, & Concerts

Best online dating words for women are:

Connection, Yoga, Hike, Dogs, Travel, Love, Wine, Vegan, Foodie & Concerts

Not exactly a shock to find some of the same words popping up on both lists such as dogs, travel, & concerts. I'm lucky to say that I have found the love of my wife and no matter what your dating profile says, you will know it when you find it. Just don't give up hope.

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