Sunny day, chasing the clouds away... you know the song. Pretty much every American alive has heard the Sesame Street Theme song. Most of us know it by heart. And we also know the characters we came to love on the longest running children's show in the country. Big Bird was one of these most popular, and even Oscar the Grouch was a favorite among kids (and my personal fave). Well, the actor who played these characters is retiring!

After 50 years of being the man inside the bird, 84-year-old actor and puppeteer, Caroll Spinney, announced he is retiring! That's a LONG time to be playing a role, and Caroll, who is apparently loved by everyone and will be greatly missed! The characters will of course still be a part of the show. They will now played by Matt Vogel and Eric Jacobson, but with Spinney leaving, this is the end of an era. Sesame Street Tweeted the announcement below. Have a good rest of your life, Mr. Spinney. You brought joy to so many! Thank you.

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