Who watched Breaking Bad?! If you followed the story from the beginning to end, you can agree with me that it was a great show. When I got a hold of season 5, I literally stayed at home almost all day at my apt because the story had gotten so intense I could not stop watching.

The creator of Breaking Bad has been working on a prequel to Breaking Bad, it’ll be called ‘Better Call Saul’ and it premiers later this year in November. A couple days ago, it was teased that Walter White might make a reappearance. His exact words when asked if Walter could come back later in the prequel were, ‘never say never’.  This is a show I’m going to have to keep up with, especially after it being teased that walter might make a reappearance. I just hope they don’t disappoint, they set the bar pretty high with breaking bad. We’re all expecting nothing less than amazing.


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