Today my journey brings me to our neighboring town of Selah, Washington where I have heard story of a new business whipping up some insane-looking and very tasty milkshakes. Did they bring this boy to the yard? Oh yeah. Yes, they did.

What is DoubleTroubleShakesN'More?

The name of this shake business is almost as much of a mouthful as their large shakes, DoubleTroubleShakesN'More. Intentionally without spaces, yes. The double trouble most likely refers to the two brothers that have this business with help from their mom. And, yes, they do have shakes but they have more than shakes, too. In fact, they have an entire store that features gluten-free and keto-friendly food, snacks, prepared food, slices of cake, parfaits, and a lot more -- even cereal.

Of course, I came for the shakes. I brought my kid with me. I ordered the s'mores-type one while my kid ordered the safety - cookies and cream. Both are just a treat to look at. It's hard not to just jump right in before snapping a photo to share on social media. The milkshake was top-notch and it was just a fun experience to see for myself. Mine featured chocolate-covered toasted marshmallows while the cookies and cream had two Oreo kabobs. There's one that features a slice of cake on top and even one that has fresh cotton candy, all made in-house.

These carry a price tag that may be sticker-shock to many, but for a very special treat, treat yourself and your kids to one of these sometime soon. It comes with two straws and you get to keep the glass. Only 8 available flavors for now but they're planning on expanding soon and even including extravagant red bull drinks in the future, too. My kids are looking forward to that.

Find DoubleTroubleShakesN'More inside Light Delights next to Howards Medical (Wray's parking lot) in Selah.

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