The caped crusader isn't from Gotham as the comics and movies would have you believe. He's from Walla Walla! I'm talking about Adam West! The actor from the original Batman TV show is from none other than the fine city of Walla Walla. Born Adam West Anderson, he came in to the world Sept 19, 1928. He went to Walla Walla high school, for two years, then finished in Seattle, then went back to Walla Walla where he got a degree in Literature (Phychology minor) from Whitman!

His acting career started in the 50s but took off after starring in the Batman show from 1966-1968. He was offered the role of James Bond after the Batman series ended, but he TURNED IT DOWN because he thought a Brit should play the role. (Buddy, you should have taken it!)

West, now 87, still enjoys post-Batman fame doing voice work on several games, TV shows, and most famously as Mayor Adam West on Family guy! Who knew superheroes came from Walla Walla!?

Road Safety With Batman
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