As an animation fan, I'm dying to see the traveling Walt Disney Studios exhibit at the Museum of Flight. It showcases the many ways Walt and his talented team aided the United States and our allies in the war effort during WWII.

Below is an image from November14th, 1941. It shows the British Minister of Food, Frederick Marquis (1883 - 1964), with cartoon art of "Clara Carrot," and a statue of Mickey Mouse sent by the Walt Disney Studios to help with the ministry's wartime food campaigns.

Mickey And Minister
Photo by M. McNeill/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Disney's contributions included everything from animated cartoons aimed at boosting the morale of soldiers and the general public, to training films, and posters promoting war bonds. You can call it propaganda, if you like. And you'd be right.

The two little boys pictured below are reading Walt Disney's 'Mickey Mouse Circus' in England in April of 1941.

Mickey Mouse Circus
Photo by Horace Abrahams/Keystone Features/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Walt Disney's Burbank studios were used as an Army anti-aircraft base at the "request" of the government. I'm not sure how much choice Uncle Walt had, but he didn't hesitate to do his patriotic duty.

I actually have a collection of these wartime Disney cartoons on DVD, which is now an obscure artifact in itself. It's a bizarre viewing experience, but I feel an essential one if you're a history buff, or a fan of Disney and the art of animation in general.


But I'm looking forward to seeing the whole story told, not only what was on the siler screen, but also what was on the magazine racks, on the bulletin boards, and on the uniforms; to get an up-close look at objects from this remarkable moment in the history of America, animation, and the free world.

When Can I See the Disney WWII Exhibit at the Museum of Flight?

The exhibit is open now through February 5th, 2023.

Walt Disney Family Museum To Reopen To Public In San Francisco
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How Much Is Admission to the Disney WWII Exhibit at the Museum of Flight?

The Disney exhibit is included with admission to the museum. Prices are:

  • $17 for ages 5 to 17
  • $ 25 for adults 18+
  • $21 for seniors, age 65+
  • FREE for children under 4
  • FREE for Museum of Flight members

An Important Disclaimer Before You Buy Your Tickets

From the Museum of Flight website:

Negative stereotypes of people and cultures, as well as other offensive imagery, were used as part of the United States’ propaganda efforts during World War II. We acknowledge its harmful impact, hope to encourage mindful discussion about misrepresentation and negative stereotypes, and use these lessons from the past to create a more inclusive future.


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