Seattle’s Elysian Brewing has delivered an early Halloween treat: Chucky beer. That’s right, the batteries-not-included (and not needed) killer doll from Child’s Play has his own demented and fermented beer. 

Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer is the tongue-in-cheek name of Elysian’s team-up with the foul-mouthed, red-headed horror icon. The brewery’s website claims that, “Just like the iconic doll, this beer will be your friend ‘til the very end.”

What Kind of Beer is Chucky?

Elysian Brewing
Elysian Brewing

Witbier is traditionally a lighter Belgian style beer, spiced with orange and coriander; think Blue Moon.

Elysian reveals that their Chucky Wit Beer is “Saturated with blood-red cranberry juice and entangled with pumpkin that’s been mangled into a puree, the beer is light in color with spine-chilling flavors of chamomile and cinnamon — the perfect combination of everything you love about the season.”

When Will the Chucky Beer be Available?

Elysian Brewing
Elysian Brewing

It's available now, but the beer is a limited release, so get your hands on it before it’s all gone. Elysian hasn’t said if the Chucky beer will be back next year. Although Chucky would probably boast, I’ll be back. I always come back!”

The Enduring Popularity of Chucky

Halloween Horror Nights Opening Night Red Carpet
Kevork Djansezian

Who would’ve guessed back in 1988 that when dying serial killer Charles Lee Ray used Voodoo to transfer his evil soul to that of a Good Guy Doll, that Chucky would eventually get his own TV series - and his own beer. It’s like Chucky says, “you just can’t keep a Good Guy down.”

What a time to be alive.

Watch the Commercial for Elysian Brewing's Chucky: A Killer Wit Beer

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