I have no problem admitting that I haven't seen a lot of movies, most of the classics I skipped over as a kid because I was busy playing with friends or older siblings. Now when my wife Savannah tries to get me to watch these movies I either fall asleep or I have no interest.

Over the weekend I finally watched a movie that everyone else saw back in 2001 when it was released which was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I have never been into Sci-Fi movies but my wife loves the books and movies, like most things in life over time she won the battle. Hahaha.

Friday night we began the movie and I didn't understand it, there were things going on that didn't make sense luckily she didn't mind me pausing the movie to ask questions so I could understand what was going on. Most people would be so annoyed but luckily my wife understand me. After watching the 2 1/2 hour movie I thought it was good but didn't understand all the craze around it.

Savannah has informed me that it only gets better from the first one and it was a pretty good movie so I will watch the second one hopefully I get hooked like so many other did 17 years ago. Although I would have been just as happy watching Chris Farley start in "Tommy Boy" for the 78th time in my life.

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