The Columbia Center Mall is expanding with the arrival of Forever 21 as PacSun and NW Beauty close to make way for the new retailer.

The walls will come down between PacSun and NW Beauty to make room for a new 12,000 square foot retail space. Barbara Johnson, General Manager at the Columbia Mall had this to say about announcement of Forever 21.

“We have reached an exciting milestone for the mall, while simultaneously seeing continued expansion,” said Barbara Johnson, General Manager at Columbia Center Mall. “In my tenure at the mall I have been fortunate to have been a part of some exciting changes, this year will be so special to the mall and the community as we reflect on 50 amazing years and look forward to many more.”

As some retailers close around the Tri-Cities, it's nice to other retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods and Forever 21 moving in. You can get more details about Forever 21 here 

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