One of the legends you hear first when visiting Colorado is the state's ghost towns. Coming here, we had some new territory to explore, we were excited.

One of the first places we heard about and wanted to see first was Dearfield, which sits just off Rte 34 about 25 minutes or so east of Greeley.

Dearfield has historic significance as a settlement established to be a home for Black residents as the Weld County government website chronicles:

Colorado entrepreneur and messenger for three governors, Mr. O. T. (Oliver Toussaint) Jackson filed a desert claim to create the African-American agricultural colony of Dearfield in May 1910....

Dearfield’s dreams turned to dust in the 1930s Dust Bowl, and the town never recovered. By 1946, Dearfield had a population of 1. Today Dearfield remains a symbol of Western pride and empowerment for many African Americans.

There were some boarded up places but also a couple of buildings that were open and waiting to be we did and it was creepy. If you love ghost towns and haunted things, I highly recommend Dearfield.

Here a few of the pics we took while we were there. Enjoy.

Dearfield, Colorado

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