Pasco police is investigating multiple reports of Tri-Cities citizens being threatened with gruesome videos sent on WhatsApp to scam them of money.

Pasco police describe the videos showing what "appears to depict at least seven bleeding prone males, and three of them have their bodies attacked with knives. The area looks like a run-down street near a large building wall. The depicted males appear dark-skinned consistent with Central America or the mid-east, but that is speculation. It is unknown where or when the video comes from".

The people in the videos being dismembered or tortured are not known or recognized by the attempted scam victims. Police think this is part of a larger and random scam attempt and may not even be from this country.

If you are or have been contacted in this way, police say DO NOT CONTACT THEM BACK, just call Detective Romero at Pasco Police, case #PP18-56292.

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