Fandoms are real. Many people don't understand. Grown-a** adults freaking out over comics, movies, toys, costumes and the list goes on and to the second star to the right, and straight on till morning. In other words, the list is long. And there of those of us who take the fandom pretty seriously. And while I'm not at the top of that chain (there are some SERIOUSLY obsessed people, I'm just a little spicy, not a ghost pepper), I do have some uber nerd tendencies.

I love Harry Potter and the Potterverse (the world of Harry Potter and all characters in that universe). Yes, the Potterverse is a thing. Also, Pottermore is a thing, and I hope you go back and click that link after you're done reading this. But anyway, so I love Harry Potter and I also love Legos. So when Legos announced (back in spring I think) that they were releasing a new line of HP Legos I freaked out! They said they would be releasing them in August, so we had to wait impatiently until then. So, I was prepared to save and be able to get them in August. Well, they decided to release them a month early, and I didn't have the cash to justify paying $100 for a toy. I figured I could just wait. I was WRONG.

The Lego sets were selling out as soon as they were released. Within two weeks of them being released, stores were selling out. Target was the only place who had them and the stores were running out! Soon online shipping sold out. Then the stores around me. Finally it came down to the closest store who had them was Seattle. And the stores couldn't ship from store to store, but you could buy it online and then go pick it up at the store. I for real contemplated driving to Seattle for it, but I decided that was insane and I'd just have to wait to see if more came available, or I'd have to buy them off someone on Ebay or Amazon at a higher cost. It never occurred to me to just NOT get them. I HAD to have them.

So every day, I'd check the Target site to see if more came available closer to me. One day, they did. I saw the Legos I wanted at Target in South Spokane. Now, if you're reading this and you don't know, I'm in the Tri-Cities, WA. Spokne is about a two to two and a half hour drive to Spokane. Not as far as Seattle, but doable in a day from Tri-Cities. So, I sat in the studio and thought I could get my work finished in 20 mins and head out and get this tonight! So,I did. I ordered the Legos online, finished my work, got in my car, and hit the road. I decided that I needed to do something other than just get Legos because that makes me a little cray cray (yes I said cray cray). So I texted my friend that I haven't seen in a year who lives in the area and asked her to dinner!


It just so happens she is staying in a house right near where I was going to be, and she had gotten off work early, and she could totally meet me! It was perfect! So I drove to Target and got my toys. I met my friend and had a really great dinner that both of us really needed (I didn't realize how much I missed her). My nerdiness payed off in more way than one! But still, it's a bit ridiculous to drive that far for a toy for a grown woman!! What about you? What crazy thing have you done for your fandom?

PS, Below is a countdown until the next Potterverse movie, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald comes out in theaters...


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