Ever wonder what the Tri-Cities will be like in 2030? Now you can help shape that with a local questionnaire that wants to know what you want Tri-Cities to become.

The questionnaire was put together by a privately funded group of community leaders and being led by a committee from the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce.

They hope to have over 1,000 responses by mid May. Then community leaders will meat with facilitators from New Edge Marketing and discuss plans for two days to help shape our future.

If they don't get enough response, then nothing will happen.

Development of Tri-Cities projects in the past has had a top down approach and MyTri2030 wants to change that to a bottom up approach.

This is an opportunity for you to speak out and describe your vision for the future and the things you would like to see.

Give your input now at mytri2030.com.

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