Can you believe that May is almost over!? Yes! This year is rolling by fast, and a new month means new stuff on Netflix. I've taken a look at what's coming up in June and there are some GREAT shows movies that will be hitting the Flix. From blockbuster films to new seasons of your fave TV, there's something for everyone! Happy viewing!

June 1

  • The Departed- Leo SHOULD have won an Oscar for this (among others), but at least he got one later. If you love mafia/gangster crime films, this is for you!
  • Blue Jasmine- Cate Blanchett DID win an Oscar for this, and it's easy to see why.
  • National Treasure- Yes, it's a bit cheesy, but you have to admit it's fun! One of the only movies I can can handle Nicholas Cage in! (But we'll talk about my Cage Rage later...)
  • Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist- Such a cute little film with Michael Cera and Kat Dennings. This one you can watch with the teens in your life or on your own.

June 5

  • Thor: Ragnorok- If you haven't seen this yet, GET ON IT! Also, it's a must watch before seeing Avengers: Infinity War.

June 15

  • In Bruges- A superior dark comedy about hit men hiding out in a medieval town featuring Colin Ferrel. And yes, that's Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter, Brendan Gleeson. And two more from HP, Clémence Poésy and Ralph Feinnes. Though, you should watch because it's AMAZINGLY funny but gets super dark too. Fantastic little film. Not for the kids, though.

June 16

  • Grey's Anatomy: Season 14- If you're a fan of this long-sunning and super popular show, you can't wait for the next season! We should all be doctors.

June 17

  • Agents of SHIELD: Season 5- One of several Marvel shows that are still going strong. Season 5 of Agents should be awesome for fans, and hey, catch up on all the seasons if you're looking for your next binge!

June 22

  • Luke Cage: Season 2- Season 1 was a huge hit, and I'm hoping season two will be as good. You'll need to watch The Defenders season one, and Jessica Jones season 2 first, so you're not lost.

June 23

  • Disney's Animated Tarzan- Tarzan surfing through the trees!? YASS! Watch this one with the whole family and remember, you'll be in my heart. (Thanks Phil Collins.)

June 26

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi- YES! Another Star Wars film to watch! The whole family can enjoy this one! Light sabers, new planets, the rebellion. Yes, we're on board!

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