I was driving home last night and I noticed there were a LOT more police officers out. I was wondering what was going on? Was there an accident, or criminal activity? No, police officers throughout Tri-Cities are gearing up for Labor Day Weekend with extra DUI patrols. Yup, that's right. Drinking and driving is NEVER a good idea, but especially on holiday weekends. The patrols will be all throughout the TC and Kennewick police issued a statement on their Facebook about the extra patrols, and how people can avoid DUIs

• We are urging everyone to make a plan before they head out to parties and other gatherings to keep the roads safe for everyone.
• If you can’t be a designated driver, choose to be the designated planner.
• Just a few minutes of advanced planning saves lives and helps people avoid a life-changing arrest with a number of consequences:
o loss of license
o employment risk
o jail time
o financial challenges due to fines, legal, medical and insurance costs.
• Today there are so many options for getting home safely -- from taxis, ride-sharing apps and public transportation to arranging to stay overnight. Hosts also play a role in ensuring guests go home with a sober driver.
• We also remind everyone not to forget our everyday tips for safe driving: always wear a seat beat, watch your speed and distance to give yourself time to react and report dangerous drivers by calling 911.

So be safe this holiday weekend and every weekend by NOT DRINKING AND DRIVING. For real. Crash with a friend, get an Uber, a Taxi, or have a designated driver. A DUI is not worth it, and more importantly you could hurt yourself or someone else. Be safe out there.

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