**UPDATED** If you're a fan of live music in the Northwest, you've probably been to the Showbox. Or at least, you've heard of it. This incredible live music venue has had its doors open in Seattle for 79 years! It's been a concert venue, burlesque performance space, night club, movie theater and more! But no matter what it was, the doors were open. I've personally seen at least 3 shows there and love the space. Well, it was announced right after its 79th birthday on July 24th, that a Canadian company, Omni Group, has plans to buy the land, demolish the Showbox (among other buildings), and build a massive apartment complex and retail space.

Apparently the Canadian company has yet to comment with more in depth information on their plans, but the Daily Journal of Commerce reported that "Vancouver, BC-based Onni Group has filed plans to build a 44-story tower with 442 residential units on the Showbox property." So, there goes a piece of history and here come MORE apartments. Just what Seattle needs!

**A group called Save the Showbox" has appeared on Facebook in hopes of gathering enough of a movement to save the Showbox. I have joined this group to help save this iconic venue. I'll keep you posted as more comes from this group.**


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