Who doesn't LOVE fresh baked bread? Better yet, who doesn't love visiting a bakery?

I live for the smell and taste of fresh baked pastries and bread. One could get that in their home, but that's too much work. When I began this article, I was all set to focus on one bakery in Washington. However, after researching, there are five bakeries in Washington getting national attention.

How are the best bakeries in America determined and rated? What's the criteria?

There's a publication called Food & Wine, and they've published the list of The 100 Best Bakeries in America. According to the magazine:

Nearly all Americans eat bread and pastry, and for this list to be worthwhile, it had to accurately reflect America, rather than one, a relatively small segment of our baking culture. There was no automatic bias against larger operations, either, but the question was always asked — is this unique? Is the work still important?


Which FIVE Washington bakeries make Food & Wine's 100 Best Bakeries in America?

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Breadfarm-Edison. Founded in July of 2003 by Scott Mangold and Renée Bourgault.

Left Bank Pastry, Olympia. Featuring authentic French pastry and cakes.

Macrina Bakery, Seattle. Founded by Leslie Mackie.

Saboteur Bakery, Bremerton. Features specialty breads and baked goods.

Sea Wolf Bakery, Seattle. Owned by brothers, Jesse and Kit Schumann.


I cannot wait to visit all of these special bakeries. These bakeries are awesome reasons to stop when road-tripping and if you find yourself near any of the above towns. I have to admit, I'm craving a croissant right now.

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