98-year-old comedy god is passing the torch to the next generation. Mel Brooks hands the reins over to Josh Gad as head writer for the very, very, very long-awaited sequel to Spaceballs, Spaceballs 2. As an avid movie buff and card-carrying member of the Mel Brooks fan club, I am ecstatic about the new movie. However, some are very concerned that Brooks will not be at the helm. In his place as director, they have selected Josh Greenbaum, with Mel Brooks staying on as a producer. 

That's exciting news for fans of Spaceballs! Here’s a summary of what we know about the sequel, Spaceballs 2: 

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Development and Production 

Production Studio: Amazon MGM Studios 

Development Status: Early stages as of June 2024 

Directing: Josh Greenbaum, known for Strays (2023) 

Producing: Mel Brooks returns as a producer but will not direct. 

Screenwriting: Josh Gad, Benji Samit, and Dan Hernandez (known for Pokémon Detective Pikachu, The Addams Family 2, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem) 

Youtube / Spaceballs / Getty / Canva



Josh Gad: Confirmed cast member. Specific role not disclosed yet. 

Original Cast: Possible returns include Daphne Zuniga (Princess Vespa) and Rick Moranis (Dark Helmet), as mentioned by Mel Brooks. 


The original Spaceballs (1987) was a cult classic directed by Mel Brooks, featuring Bill Pullman, Joan Rivers, John Candy, Daphne Zuniga, Rick Moranis, and Mel Brooks. 

Despite initial box office performance, the film became a beloved satire of the sci-fi genre. 

Previous Attempts and Delays 

Discussions for a sequel occurred over the years but faced various obstacles, including budget issues. 

An animated series aired in 2008 but was not well received and was canceled after one season. 

Current Streaming Availability 

The original Spaceballs is available to stream on Max. 

Youtube / Spaceballs / Getty / Canva
Youtube / Spaceballs / Getty / Canva


Future Expectations 

Mel Brooks: While excited about the sequel, his direct involvement in acting or other roles remains to be confirmed. 

Fans can look forward to a modern take on the satirical universe of Spaceballs while honoring the legacy of the original film. 

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