One of my favorite quotes: We don’t deserve dogs.

They are loyal and do care about your well-being when you’re taking them on a walk. Next time you’re on the irrigation canal or walking in your neighborhood, observe what they do when a stranger approaches. 

Man walking dogs down sidewalk

Your dog will glance up to see if you have any anxiety.  We don’t deserve dogs. 

A Forbes Advisor nationwide survey found out what states have the most devoted dog owners. A recent Forbes Advisor survey found that dog owners are willing to make professional, financial, and personal sacrifices for the sake of their dogs.

Two Dogs Laying Obey Training. Selective focus

Forbes Advisor analyzed states across seven key metrics, including dog owners who go above and beyond to provide - professional, financial, and personal sacrifices for the sake of their dogs.

Two of the top ten are here in the Pacific Northwest: Washington (7th) & Oregon (10th)



Washington is tied with Arkansas for 7th in America

Washington was found to be the fifth most likely to move out of an apartment - to provide their dog with a yard.

Washington Dog owners are 7th most likely to live on a tighter budget to afford their dogs’ expenses.

Top Pet Peeves of Owning a Dog in Washington

Owning a dog comes with some responsibility. Potty training, food, and vet bills are among the necessary things we need to do to keep our dogs healthy and happy. 

Forbes Advisory polled WA dog owners and ranked our three biggest burdens: 

1 - Walking/Exercising my dog

2 - Finding a dog sitter

3 - The cost of owning a dog

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