I get it we like to visit places around the world, and it seems that as soon as we hear of a place, everyone and their mother has as well. Long gone are the days of being able to take a selfie without mass amounts of people able to photo bomb.


I should add, this list is not intended to swamp these areas with people, though, can we blame them?

I'm convinced that Photoshop is used for most destination photos due to photobombs.


Also, if I see you taking a photo and you're in my line of walking path, I will now be in your photo, accept the fate.

Where are some places we can visit in WA that maybe not everyone knows about?

Here are a few of my favorites.

Non-Tourist, Tourist Activities in Washington State

Because sometimes we just want an experience that not everyone else has.

Gallery Credit: Aly

I grew up swimming on Lake Osoyoos, and let me tell you, it really is like swimming in the most perfect temperature water. I highly recommend.

One place I had no clue about was the Brautigan Library, how cool is that to be able to read all the unpublished books. You think they ever discovered the next blockbuster movie in there?


Knowing there's still a drive-in theater open in Washington State is so cool.

there's not just one still open, there are a couple!

Click here for all the drive-in theaters in Washington State.

While it does pain me a bit to give these secrets away, as long as we keep this article between us, we should be able to keep those cool spots, somewhat of a "non-tourist attraction."

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