• Clover Island Inn Sells To Nevada-based Company CII Hospitality LLC
  • Clover Island Inn To Become A Hilton Spark
  • New Owners Will Sign A 50 Year Lease

One of my favorite places in Kennewick is in for a major overhaul as the Clover Island Inn will soon be a Hilton Spark.

The Port Of Kennewick still has to sign off on the deal but a new 50-year lease is expected as the independently owned Clover Island Inn will now be sold to a company based out of Reno Nevada.

CII Hospitality LLC as the new owners are expected to convert the 150-room hotel into a Hilton Spark which will make it the first "Spark" Hilton in Washington State.

clover island 1

According to the Tri-City Herald, a lot of renovations are in store for the aging Clover Island Inn. The Inn was built in 1977 and the current group of owners bought the current in 2001.

An attempt to sell the property in 2022 failed because the Port of Kennewick voted against allowing the potential owners to change the property into micro-apartments.

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If you are curious, the Hilton Spark is a new budget-friendly brand of Hilton hotels.

As a fan of the Clover Island Inn all these years, I'm hoping that some of the same charm will remain with the hotel as it renovates for the future.

Clover Island 1942 (Permission port of kennewick)
Clover Island 1942 (Permission port of kennewick)

No word yet on how quickly the deal will go through or when the renovations are to start.

All I can say is now is the time to book a room and enjoy the classic Clover Island Inn before major renovations and changes start.

You can read more details on the sale here.

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