A Dog Park Is Finally Coming to Kennewick Washington

I've got three dogs that love going to the dog park but the problem is that we only have one dog park here in the Tri-Cities and it's located in Richland.

Where Will The New Dog Park Be Located In Kennewick Washington?

My family lives in Kennewick so it's quite the haul to go to the Richland dog park imagine my surprise when I heard the news that Kennewick is finally going to get a dog park.

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Kennewick has been trying to get a dog park going for several years and it looks like it will happen.

An article from Apple Valley News reports that the new dog park is getting close to becoming a reality thanks to the Kennewick Parks and Recreation Department.

Nick Farline, who is the Kennewick Parks, Recreation & Facilities Director, gave some specifics on the plans for the new dog park thanks to Apple Valley News:

"If you have no dog parks, every park becomes a dog park, Farline said. "We've identified through comprehensive planning - both, a plan that was done a few years ago and then our most recent comprehensive plan for our Parks and Recreation Department - that a dog park was a top priority and a need for the community."

So if you've wanted a dog park in Kennewick like me, it'll soon be a reality as a deal is almost done to put it right behind the Playground of Dreams in Columbia Park. The park could potentially cover 3.5 acres.

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I know once it opens, I'll have some happy pooches. You can get more details on the park here.

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