Poll: Should Tri-Cities Washington Ban All Fireworks for Good?

Days after the 4th of July, fireworks are still going off in my neighborhood in Kennewick Washington.

It's great after a 30-year ban on fireworks that Kennewick has eased its fireworks regulations but sadly a few individuals can ruin the fun for everyone else.

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I jumped into the West Richland Facebook page and it was amazing to see some of the good and bad comments as people piled on about the legality of fireworks in the Tri-Cities.

You see if you fire off fireworks legally and during the times designated, I don't think we'd have as many complaints as the Facebook comments seem to point to.

We went out of town this year to Oregon because our puppy seems to struggle with the fireworks so we avoided them as much as possible this year.


That being said, it seems that we can't come to a consensus if Tri-Cities should allow fireworks or not.

One of the things that sets the Tri-Cities apart is that you've got multiple cities in which each of their city councils make decisions for each of their towns.

I'm not taking either side, I see the pros and cons of allowing fireworks in the Tri-Cities but let's see what you think. If it was possible, would you support banning fireworks throughout the Columbia Basin?

Take the poll below and let us know:

Again, I see both sides of the issue but also people not adhering to the dates and times makes it a big issue right here in the Tri-Cities. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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