A Plastic Bottle In Your Car Well Could Be Dangerous In Washington State

It is amazing what thieves will do to take you away from your property and another trick is going around that you'll want to be aware of here in Washington State.

Be Aware Of This Trick Thieves Use To Steal In Your Car In WA State

It's so easy to get distracted these days, especially with everyone on their phones all day long.

A lot of people aren't even aware of their surroundings and it could cause a dangerous situation for you and your family.

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Videos are making the rounds and have gone viral on the danger of finding a water bottle stuffed inside your tire well.

It might seem like a prank or nothing but it also could be a concern because it's the newest way car thieves are keeping you distracted.

According to an article from motorbiscuit.com, here are a few reasons why finding a water bottle stuffed in your tire well is worth calling the Washington State Patrol:

  • The car thieves place an empty water bottle on one of the tires on the passenger side of your car
  • You don’t notice the water bottle upon entering the driver’s side of the car
  • As you begin to move the car, you hear an unexpected crunching noise from the other side of your car caused by the water bottle
  • You stop the car and get out to see where the noise is coming from
  • During that time, the car thief gets into your car (which is presumably still running) and drives off with it. If it’s not running, then they will grab whatever personal items they can from your car and run off

So again, if you see a water bottle stuffed into your car's wheelwell, you might take a moment to look around and make sure you are safe and if in danger, call the police ASAP.

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