If you witnessed this scooter chase by Seattle police, you might have thought they were filming a movie!

YouTube Seattle Police Department
YouTube Seattle Police Department

Seattle Police Apprehend Armed Suspect on Scooter

A few weeks ago on June 15th(video has the wrong date), Seattle Police made a strange but significant arrest in South Lake Union, catching an armed suspect who attempted to run from police on a scooter like a scene from a movie.

Seattle PD spotted a man with an outstanding felony warrant around the 200 block of Yale Avenue North on a scooter just before 8:30 pm. Police tried to sneak up on the suspect but were spotted before they could arrest him. After spotting the police vehicles, the suspect attempted to flee police and took off at a high rate of speed on the scooter (as fast as it could go anyway).


Officers tried to stop the suspect multiple times, but he continued to run and evade officers on the street. Eventually, officers jumped out of their vehicles and pursued the suspect on foot onto a paved park area. The suspect stayed on the scooter and just out of reach of the sprinting on-foot officers. Eventually, the suspect's luck ran out and the suspect lost control of the scooter and crashed, allowing officers to arrest him quickly. During a search after the arrest, officers discovered incriminating evidence on the suspect including a loaded handgun, $800 in cash, and narcotics suspected to be fentanyl.

The 30-year-old suspect was arrested, taken into custody, and booked into King County Jail on charges of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Narcotics, and Obstructing a Public Officer. Detectives from the Gun Violence Reduction Unit have assumed control of the investigation and are delving deeper into the case, possibly adding additional charges as their investigation progresses. You can watch police dash cam footage from the entire scooter chase below.

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