Details are still cloudy after a head-on crash involving a motorcyclist from Kennewick yesterday.


Head-on Collision Kennewick Motorcyclist in the Hospital

A Kennewick motorcyclist, 38-year-old Weldon L. Whitworth, was hospitalized following a collision on Tuesday night when he was struck head-on by a driver who failed to yield, according to the Washington State Patrol (WSP). The accident happened at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Highway 397, just south of the Kennewick city limits.

The Washington State Patrol says Whitworth was traveling north on his Honda motorcycle when 36-year-old Bernadette R. Waters, attempted to turn left onto Haney Road from the southbound in a Hyundai Elantra and ended up directly into Whitworth's path. Waters allegedly did not yield to oncoming traffic, and that caused Whitworth's motorcycle to slam into the Hyundai.

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Driver at Fault had a Revoked or Suspended License

After emergency responders arrived at the scene, they transported Whitworth to Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland. His medical condition remained undisclosed. Waters was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and escaped uninjured. She was driving with a suspended or revoked license. Waters received citations from the Washington State Patrol for both driving violations, failing to yield, and operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked license.

The crash caused a temporary road closure causing traffic to be diverted for several hours until around 7:30 pm, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation. This crash illustrates the dangers that motorcyclists face on the road, especially when larger vehicles commit right-of-way violations. Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the collision. Whitworth's friends, family, and the community await further updates on his condition as he receives medical care.

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