I'm fascinated by Seattle driving and the drivers themselves.

You can definitely tell the regulars vs the visitors.

This is especially true when you have drivers like this guy who said, "F*** it! I do what I want!"

I've recently shared the story of a guy who actually enjoys driving in Seattle. (Check that out here).

Watching the videos he posts is quite relaxing and entertaining, especially if you're someone like myself who is always driving and is barely a passenger on road trips.

man driving a truck, with Seattle skyline in background

But I'm pretty sure the guy in this video who made an illegal move might love driving but enjoys doing it off-road more than the hustle and bustle of the freeway congestion!

TheRobert92 posted the eye-opening and jaw-dropping video on Reddit.com with the headline "Beating Seattle Traffic."

"I-5 SB my guy saved himself 22.3 seconds. Let's go!!!" – theRobert92

Check out the video below.

Beating Seattle traffic
byu/theRobert92 inSeattle

Imagine someone trying that in a car instead of a truck. It would have been funnier and not quite as successful.

I have a truck; my wife has an SUV, so there have been times when we've jumped a curb (on purpose for me, on accident by my wife).


I've never pulled that type of maneuver and changed lanes, not even when I missed my exit. But maybe I should when I'm in Seattle.

This guy may be a trendsetter! Only time will tell.

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