You eat right, exercise, attempt to get a good 8 hours of sleep, and do your best to avoid stress.

All these activities are in hopes of living healthy and squeezing a few more years out of your life.

Being surrounded by people with the same goal and living the same healthy lifestyle has its benefits.

Luckily, in Washington, if the goal is to be healthy, we're in good company!

Ever since the pandemic, we've been keeping a closer eye on our health and prioritizing it. Mental and physical!

People in Washington have done wonders to improve their health, but combined, we are not the healthiest state in the country.

a couple running with heart and like emojis, inner circle of a mad over eating and drinking.
loading... wanted to see which state in the U.S. was the healthiest.

They've released their rankings comparing life expectancy, percentages of physical activity and obesity, and smoking rates.

Overall, Washington ranks as the 9th healthiest state. When each category is broken down, you can tell why we're not ranked higher.

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Our average life expectancy is 79.2 (2nd highest in the U.S.), and our activity level is tied for 3rd at 82%.

What drags us down in the rankings is our obesity percentage (31.7% at 15th place) and our percentage of smokers at 6.4% (tied at 22).

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Looking at our neighboring states, Oregon ranks as the 12th healthiest state overall, whereas Idaho is just below us, tying with Minnesota for the 10th spot.

Which state is the healthiest? Is it any surprise that Hawaii is the top choice? And in 2nd place, well, California nabbed that honor.

For a full breakdown, visit

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