Washington is full so many natural landscapes, concert and social events, things to do, generally speaking, and so much to give reason to get out of your place and have fun in the great Pacific Northwest. The only problem, though, is that once you build yourself up to do something, you'll see the dreaded Must be 21+ in print.

Well, not to worry. There's plenty of fun things you can do if you're under 21 in Washington. Here are just a few ideas.

Visit Mt. Rainier
Sure, you can see Mt. Rainier off in the distance from many places in Washington or even see it if the mountains are out in the Seattle area, but have you actually been close to it? It's not as terrible as a drive in the summer and fun to see up close, unframed.

Visit Pike Place Market
Many have, and maybe you've been there a few times. But with so many shops you can visit that's not just the place where they throw fish it's neat. Even better if you're with someone who has never been there so you can experience it again through their eyes.

Bowling, Roller Skating, Ice Skating... old school fun
There are still so many services available to people that still exist. Sure, maybe roller skating is what it once was in the '70s and '80s but it still exists in many towns. And just about every town has at least one bowling alley. Just hope you can get in when it's not league night or something.

Like, go for a walk? Sure! There is a lot of benefit to go hiking, especially in Washington State. Most may take it for granted here but there are people cross the US and possibly the world who fly in just to hike on Washington's trails.

Stay at home and watch old movies
As you start to get older you begin to feel your mortality. Have the type of carefree fun you had when you were younger. Especially if your friends are up for it, get together, or pizza or something and watch movies from your youth or play the video games you used to play when you were much younger. The nostalgia trip is very real. All of the unlocked memories.

The Northwest has some great open spots to look at the stars without pollution or city lights getting in your way.
Ooh, maybe you'll see a shooting star! Or the ISS! You never know.

Mini Golf
I'll never get sick of mini golf at any age.

Go to a Taproom
Why would you go to a taproom when you're not 21? Well, most taproom still allow youth, you just can't order from the bar. They should have other drink options, at least water and soda or ginger ale or something.

Have a Picnic
Just something as simple as a chance of scenery can do wonders for your psyche.

Go to the Beach
We're very fortunate that we are one of the 3 states that's right on the Pacific Ocean (not counting Hawaii and Alaska) so take advantage of it by taking a quick drive to the beach. Doesn't even have to be one of the fancy, expensive, touristy beaches, either. There are plenty of humble ones that just have, y'know, the beach.

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