If you were thirsty at this concert, you better have brought multiple credit cards... or a loan.

The EDC Music Festival at the Las Vegas Speedway was a three day festival that has social media gawking at the VIP drink prices.

Also if you wanted to go the "cheap" route, a six pack of Bud Light was $140 according to those in attendance.

What about just some H2O? A six pack of Smartwater was $90.

A bucket of Redbull was $75. In other words, nothing was "cheap" at the show.

It should be mentioned that the price list above was for the VIP area called the EDC SkyDeck — there is no price listed for these packages, and you must fill out a form to express interest. Sounds expensive...

As you can imagine the sky high prices had some attendees running up some massive tabs. One customer posted their tab on X asking how much should the tip be on... 277 THOUSAND dollars. Yes, that is $277,000 for drinks!

I don't know what is worse, the $20,848 admin fee or the extra line for a tip after the service charge of $46,329 was already included!

In case you were wondering, we did the math. For $277,000 you could afford 23,494 12 packs of Natural Light at $11.79 each.

Which means you could be taking home 281,928 beers and still have money left over. Even if you wanted to drink six beers a day you would have enough Natty Light to last you until the year 2153.

I will let you decide what the proper choice is there.

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