Sometimes it's all about nostalgia and I totally went down that road watching the 1997 block buster, award-winning Good Will Hunting, arguably one of the best movies of all time about a gifted janitor working at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Like so many of us, we google things about movies we're watching and while doing that, I came across this absolutely hilarious gem of a fun fact from this Ben Affleck and Matt Damon film.

Matt started writing Good Will Hunting as a final assignment for a playwriting class he was taking at Harvard University. Matt got his best friend Ben involved in the writing and according to Mental Floss, Ben and Matt eventually decided to sell to Castle Rock after a bidding war but pulled out after they realized something.

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They paused the deal-making when they had a suspicion that no one actually read the script. It's common for studios to buy a script without reading it however when that happens the studio may try and change things during filming and production.

According to Boston Magazine they decided to write in a nonsensical X-rated scene into Good Will Hunting involving Robin Williams who played a therapist to Matt's character.

3/8/98 Los Angeles, CA. "Good Will Hunting" stars, Robin Williams and Matt Damon at the 4th Annual S
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On page 60 they wrote in that adult scene and continued to shop the script with studios big and small.

The Digital Fix website says Will, played by Matt, comes into Sean’s office who was played by Robin Williams, and Sean initiates a graphic sexual encounter with Will.

As expected no one noticed the nonsensical scene except one studio.

According to Boston Magazine that one and only studio actually called out the scene asking "What the hell is that?" That's when they decided to sell Good Will Hunting to the then small studio Miramax Films instead of the big boys.

This is definitely one of the best film fun facts out there.

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