A man on TikTok has embraced his new role as a stay-at-home-husband alongside his "breadwinner" wife.

A couple who goes by the DeMillionaires on social media shared a video of husband Garrett showing that he appreciates his wife supporting their household financially by helping her get ready for work in the morning.

The clip shows Garrett dragging his wife Syd out of bed, brushing her teeth for her, fixing her hair, feeding her breakfast and handing her lunch as she heads out the door.

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Garrett then proceeds to start Syd's car for her and even hilariously runs after her waving goodbye as she jets off to her job as a nurse.

"I technically don’t make any money but someone has to hold the house together while she’s gone," Garrett captioned the video, which is set to Hall and Oates' hit song, "Rich Girl."

Watch the funny clip, below:

Users in the comments section related to the couple's new life.

"Girl bossed too hard and now I have to bring home the bacon," one person wrote.

"Everyday at work I identify with 1950s husbands. This house better be clean and my dinner on the table," another user commented.

"Growing up I said I wanted to marry a rich man as [my] job. I got lectured and now I am the sole provider of our house. Thanks mom," someone else joked.

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