A security guard during Chappell Roan's set at Hangout Fest is going viral after nailing the pop star's "Hot to Go" choreography.

"Security was feeling it," a caption on the video posted to TikTok read.

"Do we think he’s a [Chappell Roan] fan?" the other caption said.

The security guard was captured on camera doing the arm motions that spell out "Hot to Go" as the musician performed the song onstage.

The track has become one of the breakout star's signature songs and fans love to participate in the interactive choreography.

Even better, the security guard kept a straight face the entire time.

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Fans loved the adorable video, with some developing a crush on the iconic security guard.

"HE can take me hot to go," one person quipped in the comments section.

"He’s kinda fine. Like very fine NGL," another person said.

"Oh I’m in love with him," someone else added.

Others were amused by the way his face never changed as he performed the dance.

"His face not changing is taking me out," one viewer said.

"The body rub at the end is everything haha," another person laughed.

Another commenter noted that multiple security guards were allegedly getting in on the "Hot to Go" fun.

"No bc this is the second video i’ve seen of a security guard at this festival doing the hot to go dance," they wrote.

One person chimed in to add that other security guards were just as cool, even giving out lollipops to concert photographers.

"They were a vibe. I love how they hyped up the crowd between sets. Also the head of security gave us photographers a lollipop which was honestly so sweet," they commented.

Luckily, the viral video reached the security guard himself, who commented on the post.

"That’s me no wayy," he wrote, along with a laughing emoji and three red hearts.

He even reposted the video on his own TikTok account and wrote, "POV: making the best of your job."

In another video from Hangout Fest posted to his account, the security guard is seen interacting with the crowd, who cheers back at him as he films.

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