A woman got into an argument with a man at a public dog park recently after he demanded some alone time with his aggressive dog.

"Today, after my 12-hour graveyard shift, I went to the mixed-size dog park with my two little Maltese dogs. I walked up to the gate and was met by someone with a beautiful full grown Husky. The person said to me, 'He is not good with little dogs and is rough when he plays with them. Can you give me just 10 to 15 mins without your dogs in here?'" she wrote on Reddit.

After thinking about it, she told the man to "please leash your dog if he is not trained; I’m coming in with them. I just finished a twelve hour shift and cannot wait.'"

"He replied, 'Well, I am warning you that my dog will hurt your dogs if you come in here with my dog.' I then said, 'No, you need to leash your dog because he is not well-behaved around other dogs and this is not my problem, this is your problem,'" she continued.

After approaching the dog park, the man's dog "reared up and started to bark" at her.

"He became louder and demanded, 'Just give me 10 minutes, then I will go!' I denied his request and repeated that he needs to leash his dog and I’m not waiting for him. He then said, 'OK, fine! I will leash my dog and you are a very rude lady!'" the woman recalled.

After entering the park, the man's dog "reared up again," so she instructed her own dogs to ignore him and moved away.

"The man got more upset and exclaimed, 'You are so rude! Very rude lady!' And then complained about me to other park patrons. He then used the other exit and left with his husky," the woman concluded.

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Users sounded off in the comments section, with many supporting the woman.

"If it's a public park. People with badly behaved dogs don't get special private access," one person wrote.

"The guy knows his dog is not going to behave appropriately, why force it into that situation? Dog parks in general are a bad idea. Too many people do not know how to handle their dogs and tend to react poorly which leads to dogs interacting in bad ways," another commented.

"Sadly my dog has a short temper with other dogs, so I can't bring him to dog parks. That's called being responsible," someone else chimed in.

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