This incredible video is going viral once again after a few years. It looks like an eagle flying high with its latest capture from the ocean for dinner.

This was my first time seeing this video and let me tell you I felt so sorry for the poor shark but as we know, birds of prey like eagles swoop down into the sea to grab various fish for their feedings.

What do you see?

According to the Snopes website, this genuine video is from the shores of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina taken by a vacationer named Ashley White on June 22, 2020. She was on her 17th-floor balcony when she grabbed her phone to get a video of what looked like an insane sight of an eagle carrying a shark.

You can see why it went viral. It's quite spectacular even if you're like me and feel sorry for the shark gasping for air it's not already dead.

Here's the thing though. According to Ed Piotrowski who is the chief meteorologist for WPDE News in Myrtle Beach the bird isn't an eagle and the fish isn't a shark. I'm not sure if that makes the footage less spectacular or not but it is what it is

By the way, any bird species that gets its food from a saltwater environment like the ocean is in the broad category of a seabird according to the ABC Birds website.

So could this video really happen though? According to the Seattle Audubon Society, seabirds whose diet of fish is their livelihood typically catch fish between 5 to 16 inches long so it's certainly possible for an osprey for example to catch, kill, and eat a small shark.

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