A woman is devastated her husband is no longer attracted to her after she underwent plastic surgery.

"She looks weird now. She had the fat sucked out of her face, lip fillers, a neck lift, other stuff I don't really get. She gives me uncanny valley vibes now. It freaks me out. She is fully healed now and she wants us to go back to normal. Like me initiating sex. I have done so but not as much as I used to. And when I do, I try to make sure there is very little light," the husband wrote on Reddit.

It's been a few months since her surgery and he dreads looking at his wife  and she has started to notice.

"She has been bugging me to tell her what's up. I've tried telling her I'm just tired from work. Or that I'm run down. Really anything except for the truth. She broke down and asked me if I was having an affair ... She asked me to explain why I changed. I tried explaining that I just wasn't that interested right now," he continued.

After asking him over and over again, he finally broke down and told her how he was feeling.

"I wasn't harsh or brutally honest. I just told her that her new face wasn't something I found attractive and that I was turned off. She asked if that's why I turn off all the lights now. I said yes. She started crying and said that she needed time alone. She went to stay with her sister," he recalled.

Now, his wife's sister and friends won't stop blasting him for "insulting" his wife's looks.

"I tried not to say anything. I can't force myself to find her attractive. I still love her but her face is just weird now. She looks like the blue alien from The Fifth Element," he concluded.

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Users shared their empathy with the man in the comments section.

"I think you handled the situation as well as you could, but there's a difficult conversation you and her need to have soon," one person wrote.

"It's not my thing, and I am very lucky that it's not my husband's thing, either. You discussed it, you voiced your concerns, she did it anyway as was her right. But choices have consequences and these are the consequences she actively chose, knowing how you felt. Freedom of choice doesn't mean freedom from consequences," another commented.

"It's not your fault that you don’t find her new face attractive. That isn’t a conscious choice. I’m all for people doing what they want with their body, but if they are in a relationship and their partner states their dislike of the body modification, then that person should keep in mind the risk of doing it will be their partner's lack of attraction," someone else offered.

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