A group of Irish kids may have just dropped the song of the summer for 2024.

The D'n'B track, titled "The Spark," has quickly gone viral and features energetic rapping and singing from a crew of adorable school-age kids.

Not only is the beat infectious, but the lyrics are catchy.

"I searched for my spark and I found it / Everybody in the crowd start bouncin'," they sing.

Now, thanks to TikTok, these kids' song is going international.

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The song has even reached the ears of celebs like Swedish singer Tove Lo and Irish duo Jedward.

"On repeat!!!" Tove Lo captioned a video of herself jamming out to the song.

Jedward also posted a TikTok video enjoying the tune and called it "Ireland's new national Anthem."

Influencer Spencer Hunt, who goes by spencewuah online, also got in on the trending song.

In his caption, he called it a "masterpiece."

The kids' music group is known as the Kabin Crew and they even appeared on an Irish radio station to perform and promote the song.

Viewers also hyped up the kids in the comments section.

"This would win eurovision," one person said.

"Kidz Bop been real quiet," someone else joked.

One person noted that the fact that the kids look like normal kids makes the song and performance even cuter.

"Okay but the fact that these little kids dress like TRUE kids make it even better. T-shirts and school dress," they said.

"No joke they pulled me out of a depressive episode," someone else said.

"[This] is why funding arts is important," one person declared.

According to Boing Boing, the song features about 30 children ages nine to 12 and was created with the help of Kabin Studio, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting music and creativity among youth.

Per the organization's website, they host weekly workshops, week-long camps and more.

The viral song also dropped just in time for Cruinniú na nÓg on June 15, which is Ireland's national holiday that celebrates youth creativity.

A producer on the song spoke to The Guardian about the massive response.

"The response has been amazing. The kids’ energy and positivity has inspired people. It’s a really catchy song," producer Garry McCarthy said.

"We were looking to work with something upbeat and put on a drum’n’bass track. We found the beat and started coming up with chant and chorus ideas," he shared.

"We do things quickly. We’re doing this all the time – new songs every week. This one just happened to go a little bit further. We don’t want to make money off it. If it does make money we want it to support Kabin Studio and kids in direct provision," he added.

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