Justin Timberlake is taking his recent DWI arrest in stride.

At a recent concert in Boston, Mass., Timberlake joked about the infamous incident with the audience while performing.

He was arrested in the Hamptons in New York on June 17.

"So, uh... Is there anyone here tonight that is driving?" he asked the crowd.

As fans reacted with gasps of surprise, he quickly added, "No, I'm just kidding," sending the audience into laughter.

A fan posted a video of the moment on TikTok and wrote, "He is a total savage."

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"Guess it didn’t ruin the tour after all," one fan joked in the comments.

Notably, rumor has it that during Timberlake's arrest, the singer said, "This is going to ruin the tour."

When asked, "What tour?" he reportedly responded, "The world tour."

The alleged interaction has now become a meme on the internet with fans creating new versions, like Paolo being exposed for lip-syncing in The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

JT didn't let his arrest stop the world tour after all, because he made it on stage in Chicago just a few days after his detainment in New York.

"Drunk driving is no joke. I agree. But I went to his concert on Tuesday and I’m still thinking about it everyday. Was awesome," one fan raved in the comments section.

"I love that he back to himself," another fan wrote.

"Such a blast !!! Hahahah great show," someone else said.

"I effing love this man," one person laughed.

However, many viewers in the comments were unamused by Timberlake's joke.

"Really? DUI is a funny joke? Shame on him and you for laughing," one person wrote in the comments section.

Another person agreed, "It’s wild to me that fans are laughing and supporting this."

"Sooo he finds it funny that his actions could have killed someone[?]" another viewer added.

"Making jokes about a DUI/OUI is no joke. Neither is getting behind the wheel and creating that for yourself! If you’ve ever lost someone to a drunk driver, you might get it. His comments are NOT cute," someone else said.

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