A man doesn't know what to do after his pregnant wife admitted she cheated on him. Now he's not sure if their baby on the way is even his.

"We have been together for 11 years and have four children all under 10, the youngest 1. My wife also told me she had s-x with someone else, so she doesn't 100 percent know if it's mine or not," he wrote on Reddit.

The man and his wife only "had s-x once in the past year."

"She only found out she was pregnant one month ago. I know this other guy and he is a loser, stoner with no job or anything and he knows we are married. She lied so many times about him and now there's another baby that might not even be mine," he continued.

The man confessed he is feeling "lost" and isn't sure what to do.

"Do I find out if the baby is mine? Or do I leave her? Or do I suck it up?," he concluded his post.

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Users offered the man support in the comments section, with many suggesting he take action to figure out his children's paternity.

"You can’t afford to not protect yourself and your kids. Talk to a lawyer and do STD and DNA tests asap," one person wrote.

"All four of them get tested immediately. No matter what she says," another user commented.

"And remember that they're still your kids regardless of the results," someone else chimed in.

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