Is this controversial strategy to vet online hookups even worse than ghosting a date?

Sloppy Seconds podcast co-host Big Dipper recently revealed that after he chats with a potential online suitor and makes plans to get together, he invites them over but sends them to the wrong address so he can secretly spy on them and assess how attractive they are before inviting them inside.

"What I actually do is I give them the apartment number across the street," Big Dipper admitted.

He explained that after his hookup arrives, often looking confused, he watches them from his window to assess whether or not he still wants to meet them.

If he likes what he sees, he messages them with the correct address and invites them inside his home.

However, if he disapproves of their looks, he ghosts them altogether and quits responding, leaving the individual alone in front of a stranger's house.

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Fans of the podcast blasted Big Dipper on social media after his revelation, with many arguing his strategy could put his unsuspecting online dates in a dangerous situation.

"This is WILDLY DANGEROUS for both the person going to the wrong address and the person at the address," one person wrote.

"And that's when you block them on Grindr and walk away," another shared.

"We complain on how society treats us, however, we treat our dogs better than we treat each other," someone else weighed in.

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