There's nothing like the perfect sandwich. It doesn't matter if you're into the simplicity of a PB&J or going all in with more toppings then you can count, the bread can make or break any sandwich at anytime.

Unique sandwiches are nothing new, either, as most of us can find a deli or restaurant that offers up something different in the sandwich department.

Big, thick, juicy pickles replacing the bread or the bun is becoming more popular for a couple of reasons and wow are they beyond yummy to the tummy. You, of course, have to like pickles.

According to the Delish website, making them at home is super easy and perfect if you're watching your carbs. Now the the pickles may not be deli-thick but that's okay if you prefer thinner bread anyway.

Here's how you make them if you aren't lucky enough to have a deli or sub shop that's all about them. They're probably less expensive if you make them at home anyway.

Meanwhile, the popularity of these pickle subs is growing. When it comes to delicatessens, the northeast, especially New York and New Jersey, is known for having the best in the world so of course deli-style pickles in place of buns or bread is growing the quickest there.

But will this trend spread across the country?

Even in New York people are road-tripping to delis selling these scrumptious sandwiches according to the Gothamist. If your favorite deli doesn't sell them yet I don't see why you can't ask them to create one because every self-respecting deli has whole, dill pickles and probably sweet, too.

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