A man on Reddit says he got "petty" revenge on fellow flight passengers who tried to exit immediately after landing.

"As many of you may be aware, there is an unwritten rule/common courtesy when getting off your flight. You simply WAIT until passengers in the rows in front of you have made their way into the aisle/exit and then you get out when it's your turn," he began.

He "gets annoyed" by people who stand up and grab their carry-on luggage immediately after the plane lands, so on a recent flight he was determined to get his revenge.

"The front of the plane started deboarding and as soon as one of the 'early standers' would see an opening, they would cut off the rows in front of them and enjoy their small victory of getting off the plane a few minutes sooner," he shared.

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With only a few rows left until it was his turn to start deplaning, he could "already see a few more of the 'early standers' eagerly awaiting their opportunity to cut in front of people."

"To make matters worse, there were passengers in my row who were clearly in no rush to get off the plane, so these cutters could sneak their way past after me. As soon as I got up, I blocked the aisle with my body and asked the other passengers in my row if they needed help with their bags," he continued.

The man "slowly got their carry-ons out of the overhead bins and waited for each one to go on their way."

"Then I turned to the row opposite of mine and did the same for them. Probably only took 45 seconds total, but felt great/petty knowing that the cutters were unable to cut off at least my entire row," he concluded.

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Users in the comments section had mixed reactions.

"I agree rudeness is unacceptable, but you don’t always know the context and reasons people are butting in front of you. So stressful missing and re-booking a tight connection, just so unpleasant flying all round. Sometimes there is sickness and bereavement involved, and people are rushing. Let them do their things, life is too short," one person wrote.

"Why do people get mad at others for standing once the plane stops? Standing up helps get things moving. People can start to grab their stuff if it’s accessible and get off the plane in a timely manner. Notice I didn’t say faster, I said timely. It’s insane waiting for the entire portion of the plane in front of you to disembark before you stand up and grab your crap when you could’ve been standing and ready to go," another chimed in.

"I always stand up when the plane lands quickly… but I'm tall and it's nice to stand and stretch my legs. Not everyone who pops up quickly is looking to save 30 seconds! I wait for the folks in front to go first though," someone else commented.

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